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And in that moment I swear we were all sleepy koalas.


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AU: Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak are two of the biggest movie stars on the planet and they’ve been secretly dating for the better part of two years. When Dean’s public girlfriend, upcoming indie actress Jo Harvelle, ‘breaks up’ with him to start dating Charlie Bradbury coincides with him landing the role of a lifetime opposite Cas, that whole “secretly dating” thing? Yeah, that’s shot to hell.

The kicker? There’s some leaked pictures of the two of them having sex on set, never-ending questions on the press tour for their movie and even with all of that, it’s an accidental slip-up during a panel with fans that kills them.

(Dean swears he didn’t mean to answer that girl’s question with “well when you’ve been with someone for as long as we have” but Cas is just glad he said it at all.)

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13/50 of Jensen Ackles





13/50 of Jensen Ackles



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"Why do I live in Wisconsin"

Fantastic!I like it!

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Tom Hiddleston wins Elle Man Of The Year 2014

So cute I can’t handle it ohohoh

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[on being recognized in public] It kind of catches me off guard when people come up to me… because when you’re out shooting 15 hours a day for three to four months at a time, you don’t see anybody from the outside world. You forget the stuff you’re doing is actually being seen by millions of people.

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2014 Man of the year by ELLE magazine


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Dean + scruff appreciation

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Fan: You’ve become so famous and so well known, but you’re always so giving to your fans, and you’re always so kind and caring. I was just wondering how you keep so levelheaded and down to earth?
Tom: I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t, weridly. And..

so nice

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